Mega-Watt IRIS Underwater LED Lighting System

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  • Up to 22k Lumens
  • Patented Duel-Light Emission
  • Up to 60-ft Diameter of Light
  • Superior Life Expectancy
  • Easy Depth Adjusting
  • Several Color Combinations
  • Lots of Fish to see!

Out of the box, the Mega-Watt IRIS looks similar to our Apollo IRIS LED lighting system. However, the difference is that the Mega-Watt IRIS is an even more powerful underwater light. Though having many of the same features, the Mega-Watt IRIS is an Apollo IRIS light on steroids, generating an amazing (up to) 60-foot diameter of fish attracting light. No other conventional (metal halide, CFL, HID, etc.) or LED fish light on the market can compare to the ultra high performance of a Mega-Watt IRIS light. The Mega-Watt IRIS produces more than twice the light output of our Apollo IRIS light without sacrificing efficiency, especially when comparing to conventional underwater lights.

The Mega-Watt IRIS is an upgraded duel-color version of our standard Mega-Watt lighting system. This patented upgraded feature produces a truly unique effect. A center beam of light (blue is the most popular) that attracts fish, is commonly surrounded by a lighter color perimeter of light (white or lite green is recommended) that allows spectators to visibly see the details of the fish that cannot normally be seen with single color fish lights. In addition to this obvious advantage, the multi-color IRIS is a beautiful enhancement to your aquatic environment.

Mega-Watt IRIS Underwater LED Lighting System Includes:

  • One (1) Mega-Watt IRIS Light
  • One (1) Driver (AC to DC Power Supply)
  • One (1) Power Cord (optional lengths)
  • One (1) Adjustable 3-lb Weight Assembly
  • One (1) Cable Strap
  • One (1) Instruction Manual

Mega-Watt IRIS Underwater LED Lighting System Benefits:

  • Up to 60-ft Diameter of Light
  • Lots of Fish to See
  • Built to Last
  • Superior Life Expectancy
  • Plug-And-Play Underwater Lighting System
  • Easy Depth Adjusting
  • Customizable underwater light colors
  • Safe, Low Voltage in Water
  • Costs Only Pennies Per Day to Operate

CAUTION: Do not operate light out of water!

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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