How do I Install my light?

Incredible Underwater LED Lights are easily installed by the homeowner. The lighting system is literally plug-and-play. Simply adjust the position of the weight on the power cord to set the depth of the light from the surface of the water. Toss the light in the water at the desired location. Plug the electrical cord into an outlet (110-120 VAC). Sit back and enjoy! For information, please visit Underwater Light Installation Instructions.

What is the difference between the Apollo and Mega-Watt underwater LED lights?

Our “Mega-Watt” is the brightest underwater LED light on the market, producing up to 25k lumens. The “Apollo” is the second brightest underwater LED light in the world, emitting up to 16k lumens. Our “IRIS” products simply produce 2 colors of light simultaneously, one in the center and the other on the outside of the LED bulb. Just like a human eye. For more info, check out our product comparison chart.

What colors are available for Incredible Underwater LED Lights?

Incredible Underwater LED Lights understands our customer’s need for a variety of color choices. We are proud to offer 5 different color options: Green | Blue | Red | Orange | White.

Although all of our colors are beautiful, attract fish and offer completely unique effects, we do recommend the blue or green lights if you’re looking to attract the most marine life. If you can’t decide on a single color, you can always choose our “IRIS” series, which produces 2 colors at the same time. The“IRIS” series features a center color that is surrounded by an outer color. This patent-protected feature is yet another Incredible Underwater Lighting exclusive innovation and is available for both “Apollo” and “Mega-Watt” series to fit your needs.

How does Incredible Underwater LED Lights attract fish?

Incredible Underwater LED Lights are designed to be safe for the environment while attracting a natural food chain by attracting bait fish which in turn will attract larger fish making your waterfront property a virtual aquarium! For the avid fisherman, seeing fish take the bait is a “REEL” thrill!

How far below the surface should I install my light?

Since the Incredible Underwater LED Lights are buoyant and connected to a completely adjustable tether, the depth of the light is up to you. Water clarity should be considered when deciding what depth your light should be adjusted to. 4-8 feet is the recommended depth for the best performance.

Since our light is buoyant, the provided 3 lb weight sits on the bottom and the light can be adjusted to your desired depth below the surface. (Please refer to the diagram on the instructions for further assistance.)

How long is the power cord?

Our products come with standard 40ft power cord. We offer longer power cords up to 120ft in 40ft increments at $1.25 per foot.

How much power consumption does Incredible Underwater LED Lights use?

Our low-voltage lights are converted through a digital driver from 110 to 24 volts DC. Our lights consume less than 1 amp. The power consumption from our lights are comparable to an 80-watt conventional light bulb. If used 6-8 hrs per night, it will cost $4-$6 per month on average. Our competitors’ underwater LED lights will cost their customers $25-$35 per month on average if used 6-8 hrs per night.

How much light can I expect from Incredible Underwater LED Lights?

The diameter of light produced is directly related to the clarity of your water environment and also the depth from the surface that the light is adjusted to during installation. The optimal installation depth from the water’s surface is 4-8 feet. Your Incredible Underwater Light will function at depths up to 30 feet, with the trade-off being less light at the surface.

In a typical installation for a product of Incredible Underwater LED Lights, the diameter of light emitted is up to 40 feet for the Apollo series and up to 60 feet for the Mega Watt series. For murky water, we recommend the Mega Watt series due to its increased light output.

Why should I buy my underwater light from Incredible Underwater LED Lights?

At Incredible Underwater LED Lights, we believe our products speak for themselves. From our variety of colors to our long lasting LED bulbs and durable housing, we know that you will enjoy your Incredible Underwater LED Lights for many years to come. We offer an easily-cleaned, environmentally-safe product that is sure to turn your water environment into a gorgeous display of marine life. With multiple colors and configurations, up to 40 ft (Apollo series) or up to 60 ft (Mega Watt series) glowing diameter of light, and a completely adjustable depth, you’re getting a product that is completely customizable to your individual preferences when you purchase your underwater light from Incredible Underwater LED Lights, Inc.