How It Works

How It Works

Upon receipt of your Incredible Underwater LED Light, you may begin enjoying the beauty and benefits that your light will provide. Here is some information you should know before installing your underwater LED lighting system.

CAUTION: Do not operate light out of water!



Disconnect the power cord before cleaning. Remove the light from the water by pulling up by the electrical cord. We recommend using a one-inch wide metal paint scraper to remove barnacles and/or growth from lens, water-cooling port, and underside pyramid surfaces. We recommend using a flat head screwdriver to clean inside the water-cooling port. It is important to keep the water-cooling port and underside of pyramid free of debris to ensure proper cooling. Do not apply any cleaning products/chemicals to the light assembly. Only dish soap is approved and may be used to help clean your light.


  • UNPLUG the light BEFORE INSTALLATION or removal from water!
  • Do not handle any hardware, including the cord, that comes with the device without first unplugging the electrical cord from the power source.
  • Do not operate above water surface.

Questions and Concerns

For any questions or concerns regarding your Incredible Underwater LED Lights, please visit our FAQ page and don’t hesitate to Contact Us.