The patent-protected underwater fishing lights manufactured by Incredible Underwater Lights use exclusive, cutting-edge LED technology that puts them at the top of their class for energy-efficiency and brightness combined. With versatile color options and extra-long cord lengths, waterfront property owners can choose the best combination for their needs.

Incredible Green Fishing Light
Fishermen enjoy superior visibility from LED underwater fishing lights when launching and mooring watercraft. Docks and boats are safer to enter and exit above brightly illuminated water at night, and people who may accidentally fall into the water can find a way out more quickly than in darker waters. The biggest thrill comes from watching the underwater action from fish and other marine life!

Waterfront property owners use our energy-efficient underwater LED lights to beautify their homes and businesses while attracting fish and marine life. There’s no surprise that anglers, fish, waterfront property owners and their guests all love Incredible Underwater Lights alike.

Incredible Underwater Fishing Lights Lures A Goliath Grouper

Watch Incredible Underwater Lights attract a Goliath Grouper fish! Continue reading below to see how to attract fish with underwater led fishing lights for docks and waterfronts.

How To Attract Fish Using Underwater LED Lights

Incredible Underwater Fishing Lights Homeowners can easily install our advanced plug-and-play underwater fishing lights in a matter of minutes. Decide where you want to place the light and its depth from the surface of the water. Maximum depth is limited only by the length of the power cord selected, but best performance for underwater fishing lights is recommended set four-eight feet from the surface. Consider the water clarity and the minimum water depth during low tide when choosing depth and location of underwater fishing lights.

Turn off the electricity to the outlet for the power cord. Set its depth by adjusting the position of the weight on the power cord. Cast the underwater fishing light in its location in the water. Now plug the power cord into a 100-120 VAC outlet, restore the electricity, and play! Our Underwater LED Light Installation directions give complete instructions for optimum safety and enjoyment of these wonderful underwater fishing lights.

As small bait fish congregate near the underwater fishing lights, larger predators will find them and come fishing for a meal. It may take a week or two for bigger fish to find the bait fish, but before long your amazing underwater fishing lights will be as much their favorite go-to restaurant as yours. Over time, you may find stacks of marine food chains forming under your lights.

Incredible Underwater Fishing Lights

Underwater Green Fishing Lights Work Best

Green light travels farther than other colors, and plankton are able to easily find the light. Small fish also attracted to light and their heat linger around to feed on the smaller fish. This initiates a food chain event. Schools of fish soon will be in session at your underwater fishing lights and bring fishy friends. Daily operation helps fish find underwater lights and encourages them to return at predictable times. Blue is the second best color for attracting fish and other marine life.

Underwater LED Fishing Lights Technology

Our patented Mega-Watt and Apollo underwater LED lights are the brightest of their class on the planet. Just like a human eye with a center color surrounded by an outer color, our IRIS series projects two colors simultaneously without mixing the colors completely. So if you can’t decide on one color, you can choose from our selection of green, blue, red, orange, and white.

Sinking a series of underwater fishing lights along a stretch of waterfront property can create dazzling displays of colorful water teeming with marine life, and with up to 60 feet in diameter, it will not take that many lights to create the desired effect. Our superior quality underwater fishing lights will bring many years of pleasure with their long-lasting life span.